My Wife Finally Has a Good Dentist

My wife is amazing in every way but one. She is terrified any time she needs any kind of procedure done, whether it is medical or dental. She has been through enough of both that she should be used to them by now, but she isn’t. When we had to look for a new dentist in Tracy after our former one retired, we both knew that it was going to be hard to find one she would feel completely at ease with. I could not let that stop us from finding one though because if I left it up to her, we might still be looking in a few years!

I went online and started looking at the different dentists in our area, and that is how I found Mission Peak Dental Care. One of the first things I did on any of the dental sites I had visited was to look at how they treat patients who are afraid like my wife. When I saw that they do IV sedation there, they automatically went up several notches. I was happy to read about the details of this on their site, because I had a feeling it was something my wife would really like.

The dentist we had gone to before did not offer this service as his office was just not equipped to do anything like this. When I read that most patients who opt to undergo sedation dentistry don’t even remember what had happened, I knew it was what we needed. Even though she did not have any dental problems at the time, I just liked that we had this resource available to us should they need to do anything that would involve removing or filling a tooth. My wife really does like it there, and I have a feeling she may change her mind about dentists after a few more visits here!

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