Monthly Archives: October 2017

I Spent the Weekend Hiking

It was a great trip really. We did all sorts of things, in particular we went tubing on this ice cold river and hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains. At any rate I have been dating this girl for about three months and she is crazy about hiking and she loves to take photographs. We spent a lot of time in a position where we overlooked a place that wildlife would use to drink. I think that sleeping on the ground led me to the Petaluma chiropractors the next week. It did not bother me too much when I got up in the morning, like a lot of time I had some problems getting up and getting the kinks out of my back. However when I got home there was the same issue, when I tried to get up out of the bed in the morning it was a real problem. I was so stiff that it took about fifteen minutes before I could put on my clothes.

It took some work before I found the guy that I thought that I could trust. Continue reading

I Feel Better Now Than I Have in Years

I had lived in Chicago most of my life, but when a job opportunity a bit south of the city arose, I couldn’t pass it up. For months I continued to drive into the city to see my hair stylist, go shopping and see my doctor and dentist, but the drive and traffic were taking a toll on me and my car. Locating a chiropractor in Orland Park IL became increasingly more important as my old chiropractor in Chicago didn’t offer hours late enough to accommodate my work hours and drive into the city, most especially when winter roads would soon become treacherous.

I had been seeing a chiropractor as part of my wellness regimen for many years. Keeping my spine aligned was a priority as I had suffered with Scoliosis as a teen and knew I needed to be vigilant about my back and posture for the rest of my life. Chiropractic care had become much more than simply preventative maintenance for me. My chiropractor was aware of little changes over the years and helped me cope with daily stresses and strains. Continue reading