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Making a Team and a Partnership

Jim and Gloria are charter members of the Master Keglers Association bowling league.  Indeed, that was how they’d met; Jim joined the league simply because he had grown tired of watching programs like “Extreme Sports” and felt he was wasting away sitting around evenings in his one-bedroom condo.  So he started bowling and joined the league to get some regular exercise.  That was where he’d met Gloria and tried to teach her the finer points of the game.  Gloria, who’d been on bowling teams in college, allowed Jim to “teach” her, even when she knew he was 100% wrong.  He only learned she knew more about the sport than him when he wandered into a practice meet one day unexpectedly and saw her roll five strikes in a row.


But he never held it against her.  After all, hadn’t he set her up with the folks at Lumber Liquidators?  When he did her home floors he’d obtained top quality materials and supplies at rock bottom prices by using a Groupon coupon, thereby reducing the cost of beautiful solid hardwood flooring by nearly 50%.  Now Gloria’s floors looked even better than the alleyways they competed on every week.  Jim had installed the flooring for Gloria and she was eternally grateful.  She told him the new flooring had increased both the appearance and the value of her home.  But she wasn’t grateful enough to let his team win when he was her opponent.  He would force a smile while frowning to himself.  Jim finally started practicing at another alley across town.  Of course, he didn’t know Gloria’s son managed that place.  Nor did he know Gloria was aware of his efforts.


Gloria’s son finally blew the whistle.  He knew his mother had her eye on Jim from the start; she’d just been using the bowling competition to keep Jim’s attention.  Gloria’s son gave his mom an unusual Mother’s Day present; he booked her and Jim in a bowling tournament in Las Vegas for Mother’s Day weekend.  Jim wasn’t informed until his manager said he was getting that week off.  His friends at Lumber Liquidators made the travel arrangements using a Groupon coupon so the entire weekend was set aside for Jim and Gloria to enjoy.  That trip and tournament was how two weekly competitors became everyday home teammates.