Monthly Archives: January 2016

Quality of Life Instead of Pain

My husband was diagnosed with diabetes nearly 30 years ago. We knew then that we had to do our best to make sure his blood sugars were under control. However, that still did not stop him from getting frozen shoulder. His doctor told him he basically had three options. The first was surgery at the local hospital, the second was physical therapy which would be extremely painful, and the third was having a chiropractor in Bakersfield help treat the condition. Since the surgery was not an absolute cure, we decided to go to the chiropractor that his doctor referred him to.

Neither of us had ever been to a chiropractor before, so we were not really sure what to expect. Continue reading

The Help I’m Receiving is Better Than a Prescription

I miss how well my body worked when I was much younger and rarely experienced pain. It is entirely my fault now that my body does not feel good, though. This is because I have not treated myself well. Oh, I have heard all of the mentions that it is important to stay in shape and to treat your body like a temple, but you think you have time before the troubles happen. I ended up needing to find a San Jose chiropractor because of the damage I have done to my back.

In the office that I work in, I have heard several employees ask our boss for ergonomic desks and chairs. Continue reading