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Finding The Right Cancer Treatment For Your Needs

Getting a diagnosis of cancer can be a frightening and confusing experience. You must learn about the types of cancer, outcomes and treatments and will, no doubt, have many questions. Your physician will design the best treatment program for your needs and will answer any question you might have. cancer treatment has advanced significantly over recent years, with a number of options to help restore your health and return you to your normal activities.


Chemotherapy uses strong medications to alter the structure of cancer cells to prevent them from reproducing. Chemotherapy cannot tell the difference between normal cells and cancer cells. A balance must be found that kills cancerous cells without excessive destruction of normal cells.


Radiation uses powerful beam of energy waves to kill cancer cells by altering their structures sufficiently to stop their reproduction. Radiation may be used along with other forms of treatment to completely eradicate cancerous.


Surgery is used to treat many kinds of cancer. The surgeon removes the cancerous from an area of the body and often some surrounding tissue to ensure that cancer do not continue to grow. This treatment is often followed by radiation to kill any remaining cancer that may have been left behind.

Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy is a new type of treatment that seeks to kill cancer and do the least amount of damage to normal cells. It uses drugs that target special sites on the cancerous cells that normal cells do not possess. These drugs may be antibodies that attack cancer or other medications called ‚¬”small molecule‚¬ drugs.


This type of treatment uses the body’s own immune system to fight the cancer. Monoclonal antibodies, cancer vaccines and non-specific immune system boosting medications may be used.


Bone marrow transplant is another form of treatment that introduces new tissue into the patient to help replace cells that are destroyed by cancer treatments. Stem cell transplant may use cell that come from your own body, stem cells from someone else, related or unrelated.

Alternative Treatments

Many people seek alternative cancer treatments in addition to traditional treatment. It can also be an option when the side effects of traditional treatment are too severe to continue treatment. A number of different treatments are available, including laetrile treatment, nutritional therapy, ozone treatments with ultraviolet light, nutritional supplement therapy, high-dose vitamin C therapy and allogenic lymphocite therapy.

If you have cancer, it’s important that you have some control about the methods and treatments you undergo. You should be frank with your physician in the discussion about cancer treatment and your feelings about both traditional and alternative cancer treatment. You should research all potential treatments thoroughly to make sure you understand both the success rates and side effects.