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Cancer Treatment

Cancer patients today have many different treatment options. Surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and biologic therapies are examples of traditional cancer treatment. Hormone therapies and certain transplant options are also used to treat some cancers.

While traditional therapies are proven treatments based on years of scientific and clinical research, these methods are usually quite aggressive. They often produce side effects that are worse than the original cancer treatment. To relieve these symptoms, many people turn to holistic therapies outside the realm of conventional medicine.

Holistic treatments, known as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies, are vast and varied. They range from vitamin therapies, herbal remedies and special diets to therapeutic massage, acupuncture and mind control healing. Cancer patients use these methods in different ways.

€Alternative€ and €complementary€ are often used as synonyms to describe holistic methods for cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. However, the two terms describe different things.

Alternative therapies are practices used in place of traditional medicine. According to the American Cancer Society, they do not have enough clinical evidence to prove their safety and effectiveness. People who forego standard therapies for alternative treatments lose the benefits of medical treatment. Alternative therapies may delay treatment, giving cancer cells more time to grow.

Complementary therapies, on the other hand, work in conjunction with traditional medicine. They do not claim to cure cancer, but they can be very beneficial when integrated with conventional medicine. Complementary therapies are proven to reduce the mental and emotional stress brought on by cancer. They also relieve the pain and nausea caused by aggressive cancer treatment.

Many doctors and cancer treatment centers now recommend certain complementary approaches to cancer treatment. Numerous studies have shown certain Eastern and holistic therapies to be safe and effective for most patients. These include acupuncture, aromatherapy, art therapy, biofeedback, massage therapy, meditation, meditative labyrinth walking, music therapy, prayer and spiritual expressions, tai chi and yoga.

These non-traditional cancer treatment methods cannot cure cancer. However, many patients find them extremely advantageous for managing their cancer symptoms and treatment side effects. Cancer patients should discuss these therapies with their doctors before engaging in any form of CAM treatment. Nevertheless there are a lot of therapy alternatives for cancer. The best is always to check a doctor of confidence and keep looking on the internet for important information concerning cancer. This should always be considered before anyone begins any kind of cancer treatment. There is so much information on the internet nowadays there it would be a wasted opportunity to not take advantage of this medium.