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Some Essential Things You Need to Learn About Lyme Disease Treatment With Garlic

Things you must know about Lyme disease treatment with garlic herb will include the following: symptoms, causes, garlic therapy, and safety measures.

Lyme ailment is very common ailment on individuals who love to spend time doing outdoor activities. While this ailment can easily be medicated with antibiotics, it’s unfortunately usually misdiagnosed for other disorders. Along with anti-biotics, this kind of disease can be fixed more quickly with the use of garlic.


Individuals who conduct outdoor activities including camping or hiking in wooded places, particularly where deer animals abound should be cautious in acquiring Lyme disease. While there are individuals who do not show warning signs of the ailment until the disease has attained the late phases, there are also other people who would quickly have the early manifestations of the disease. The early period of the ailment is marked by the presence of a rash that appears like a bulls-eye, headache, fever, and also body malaise. Further stages of the disease when left untreated would then give signs or symptoms that include severe pain and swelling of the joints, Bell’s palsy, severe weakness, and even coronary disease.


A person gets Lyme disease after being injured by a tick which is carrying the disease-causing bacteria often known as Borrelia Burgdorferi. The actual disease’ manifestations, nevertheless, appears only after a few days to a couple of weeks, if it shows any manifestations at all. This is because; there are only about half of the people who obtain this disease who would show indications of the ailment. The preliminary conclusive sign of the illness is the bulls-eye rash right where the tick has bitten. If you still discover the tick biting on the skin, do not attempt to take out it, because you might just end up separating its head from its body and making the head part mounted on your skin or even spread the illness even more into your system. Visit a physician immediately and let him and his personnel take care of it and so you can also be instantly provided the proper Lyme disease treatment.

Garlic treatment

Lyme disease is usually only prescribed with antibiotics. However, treating the illness with specific herbs including garlic will aid in clearing up the disease fast. As much as garlic herb has been known to be great at warding off lice, mosquitoes, and ticks and so preventing tick bites by making an individual’s skin offensive to these pests, they are also effective in curing the disease. Garlic has certain organic chemicals in it which can detox the blood, boost heart function, and supply organic antimicrobial effects that kill off the disease-causing bacteria in the blood. Along with the medications prescribed by the physician, Lyme disease sufferers can expect to heal much faster than usual. Some individuals would even combine garlic with other herbs, such as lemon juice, ginseng, mountain mint, and thistle, among others.


While there may have been people who utilized garlic or other types of herbs to manage Lyme disease, it is crucial that you should first consult a certified physician before any herbal medicine. This is because, there are situations wherein herbs can instead cause more harm than good. Garlic herb or any particular herb utilized alone or in combination with other herbal treatments or medicines must first have clearance by a professional physician prior to being taken.